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Question: 1

NABARD was established on the recommendation of-

(A) Committee of Public Account.
(B) Committee of Shivaraman.
(C) Committee of Narsimham.
(D) None of these.
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Question: 2

Who is the founder of Facebook?

(A) Bill Gates.
(B) Mark Zuckerberg.
(C) Steve Jobs.
(D) Narayan Murti.
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Question: 3

What is 'NIKKEI' ?

(A) Share Price Index of Tokyo Share Market.
(B) Name of Japanese Central bank.
(C) Foreign Exchange Market of Japan.
(D) Other.
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Question: 4

Who composed the book 'Aatmaghati Bangalee'?

(A) Nirad C. Chowdhury.
(B) Anandashankar Ray.
(C) Shibnarayan Ray.
(D) Sukanta Chowdhury.
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Question: 5

Who bestowed command of the Indian national Army (I. N. A) on Subhas Chandra Bose who renamed it Azad Hind Fauz?

(A) Captain Mohan Singh.
(B) Rashbehari Bose.
(C) Shah Nawaz Khan.
(D) Lakshmi Bai.
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